Belle - peasant dress WIP

Beauty and the Beast is one of my favorite Disney movies and therefore I wanted to make Belle's dresses. Belle is also my friend's favorite character and she will be the model for this costume. I really wanted to make both dresses and I am starting of where Belle started, her blue peasant dress.

I am going for a mix of the movie and of the musical version. I will make a simple circle skirt with petticoat, a blouse with shawl collar and a front lace up bodice on top. I will also make drawers for my model to wear underneath and of course Belle's apron and bow.


4 August 2015:

The fabrics came in! I ordered off white as white was out of stock, I thought it would be nicer, but I have ordered white as this fabric was too cream coloured. The middle fabric is slightly darker which is hard to see, but this will become the corset shell. The musical version usually uses 2 different colours too. I'll add darker pipping and lacing so I hope all together it will look nice. Just waiting for the Broderie Anglais to arrive as it was out of stock.

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26 July 2015:

This weekend I finish the full bodice to fit on my model. I also started on the blouse. Not sure if I like the way the collar turned out, but that has to do with cutting the neckline to large I think. I just hand cut the shape of the collar after attaching it to the shirt, so it's a bit wonky. Need to make the sleeves and then it's done. I do not plan on making darts in the shirt at the moment. I will make the petticoat and drawers right away. The apron was just for a quick look.

belle: image 1 0f 10 thumb belle: image 1 0f 10 thumb belle: image 1 0f 10 thumb belle: image 1 0f 10 thumb

23 July 2015:

I had ordered several samples of cotton and a linen fabric. I got different colours of cotton for other projects. I love the linen very much and I will use this for the skirt. The bodice will be made of the fabric you see here in red and the blouse from the brown sample fabric. The petticoat and sleeves of the blouse will be made from Broderie Anglais and the petticoat will have a lace trim with small roses on there. I wanted to incorporate some rose details on her dress as part of her story.
I started on the circle skirt first. Just to get a complete look for the test fitting. And I started on the bodice. I complete the pattern and next I will add the other half.

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